Interactive Applications

Interactive web applications are revolutionizing the way we engage online. These applications enable users to actively participate and customize their experience on websites, providing a sense of immersion and engagement that was previously unimaginable.

Advantages of Using Interactive Online Applications

The future of online commerce lies in Web 3.0.


Interactive applications provide customers with an instant experience, boosting conversions.


Provide multiple product versions to cater to individual customer preferences.


Implementing interactive applications adds a modern and technological aspect to your business.

Realtime Product Studio

With a dynamic car configuration experience, we set out to push the boundaries of a complete interactive experience: What is technically achievable within UNREAL ENGINE? Ultimately, it all comes down to discovering which aspects of reality help you tell a compelling story to excite your customers. Finally, we created the CAR Configurator, which is now powered by our robust Arcware CloudRT. You can experience it anywhere and on any device with a web browser. So START STREAMING NOW to enjoy it firsthand!

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Connected E-commerce Experience with Payment Platform

Experience fully customizable GetOnMyLVL gaming PCs in the interactive gaming room at the new virtual store of MIFCOM GmbH. Thanks to the new Nanite and Lumen technologies from Unreal Engine, you can enjoy unmatched hardware surface detail and photorealistic lighting, all in real-time! Additionally, our CloudRT platform allows you to access it directly from your web browser. So don’t miss out on this amazing experience!

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Ultimate Web-Based Car Configuration Experience

This innovative web application allows users to view cars in real-time and make instant adjustments to customize the configuration of their dream vehicle. With its advanced 3D visualization and real-time customization capabilities, this platform represents a leap into the future of online car shopping.

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Realtime Product Studio

Conform tiene todos sus productos bien organizados en archivos CAD. La conversión rápida y eficiente de los componentes “duros” fue el punto de partida para construir esta experiencia. Para que las sillas luzcan bonitas y cómodas, los componentes “blandos” de los cojines se remodelaron utilizando los archivos CAD como referencia. Para lograr un realismo más inmersivo, se añadieron arrugas y se prestó especial atención a la creación de las telas y los cueros. Además, las sillas se pueden colocar en diferentes salas de estar virtuales. El flujo en 3D de Arcware Cloud RT se ha convertido en la herramienta adecuada para que Conform logre mayores ventas. Una historia de éxito.

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